12 | Esther Mahlangu


BMW Art Car: 1991 BMW 525i The 12th Art Car was the first to have been signed by a woman. This is not the only fact that makes this BMW 525i so special. The South African artist Esther Mahlangu coated the bodywork of the car with the bright colors and clearly distinguishable ornamental shapes typical […]

11 | A.R. Penck


BMW Art Car: 1991 BMW Z1 There is a total of 8,000 BMW Z1s all over the world, but only one like this. German artist A.R. Penck made sure of that by transforming this particular vehicle into a unique work of art. This bright red Art Car has been adorned with various symbols and images […]

10 | César Manrique


BMW Art Car: 1990 BMW 730i It’s a shame this Art Car can’t be seen out on the streets. How different the world would look with colourful cars! A question the Spanish artist, César Manrique probably asked himself. He certainly believed that, as everyday objects, cars play an essential role in the appearance of our […]

09 | Matazo Kayama


BMW Art Car: 1990 BMW 535i The Japanese artist, Matazo Kayama, was presented with a six cylinder in-line engine, 211 bhp BMW 535i to serve as a fresh canvas for his creation. He based his Art Car design on a contract piece done for Tokyo National Museum of Arts. However, by using airbrush techniques he […]

08 | Ken Done


BMW Art Car: 1989 BMW M3 Group A Race Version What do BMW Art Cars 7 and 8 have in common? Both were created using the same model – a BMW M3 racing car – and both were adorned with the work of Australian artists. Anyone looking for visual similarities will do so in vain, […]